My name is Kenneth Middleton,
and I am a Full Stack JS Developer.

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Technologies I Work In

My Work

Game Room

Game Room is an app designed in AngularJS that allows users to create an inventory of their boardgames. This tool also allows for certain search functions to make selecting a game to play easier. In the future I hope to add a social element to this app allowing people to share their lists with their friends. Find the Git here.

Game Shelf

Game Shelf is on older iteration of what became Game Room. It was the original implementation of the server side coding in NodeJS. The front end was coded entirely in HTML, CSS, and JS implemeting jQuery. This project had a lot of room to grow but laid the foundation for server side coding for me. Find the Git here.

Nutrient Hunter

Nutrient Hunter uses API integration to allow users to find meals to supplement their dietary needs. This app allows users to search for foods containing a specific nutrient and then for recipies centered around that food. This project was coded entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Find the Git here.

Who is Kenneth Middleton?

I am a problem solver who loves puzzles and coming up with creative solutions to new challenges. I came to the development world later in my career after almost ten years working in behavioral psychology with children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum and severe problem behavior. Working with these children taught me to look at the world around me in a unique way with a focus on analytical thought and live problem solving and trouble shooting. I bring these skills and that outlook to my developement work as well. My favorite part of development is creating effective ways for an app to address a given challenge, and I shine most in my use of JavaScript to handle puzzles.

To reach out:
Phone: (770) 344-8576